By F. John  Reh Does it seem like everyone around you is getting into the Holidays, but you are too busy to join in? Do you feel like you are the only one doing any work anymore. Would you like some help getting through the Holiday season? Concentrate on what is important The first rule […]

This past weekend the holiday shopping season officially got underway. It is a busy time for not just retailers and shoppers, but also thieves. Car break-ins and purse snatchings pick up this time of year and it is not just the loss of your presents or your money; people can get seriously hurt. Thieves have […]

You say you overspent your budget last year and didn’t pay off your Christmas bills until Easter? Then you need some advice on how to hang on to more green. Our ten tips will keep you out of the red this holiday season. 1. Pay cash. No, that’s not hopelessly old-fashioned. Recently I was interviewed […]

Being thankful opens us up to receiving all kinds of wonderful blessings. When in a state of gratefulness, we acknowledge our true selves & radiate this energy to others What does it mean to be thankful? I’m not talking about being polite after someone’s opened the door for you. I’m talking about feeling thankful for […]

ARS SPOTLIGHT Lillian Hill  Congrats to Lillian. Alexia   “Lillian was blessed because she started learning from Alexia Robinson when she first began acting.  Alexia’s wisdom, passion, entertainment savvy, integrity, and commitment to her students prepared Lilly for success. She had only six weeks of training when she booked two commercials and was placed on the ‘back up list’ for a major television show. is a great online tool which Lilly […]

Restless written by Top Agent, Annie Schwartz – Origin Talent Restless? I know that from time to time you look at your career, you look at your personal situation, you go over your internal inventory, and in doing so, you feel the need to desperately make changes. How can you enhance your business and creative […]

You always hear that DETERMINATION, FOCUS, PASSION and DRIVE will get you there. Sometimes immediately and, well, let’s face it, sometimes it takes AWHILE. Then slowly you start to doubt and think, well, “I’ve been doing this and that for so long and still NOTHING!”   If you TRULY pay attention to the things in […]

In Acting Advice, Acting Resources, Moving to LA on November 28, 2010 at 7:20 am I’ve noticed that a lot of actors lately are trying different ways to connect with one another to get leads on agents, jobs and other industry information. This is super! I think that we have to connect as a community […]

Okay, you guys, what I hear a lot in class is when my students say, “I knew you were going to call me on that. I was just standing there.” Well, they were right. They did get called on it! When in life do we ‘just stand there’ and do nothing? Something is usually going on. […]

Written by Alexia Robinson Okay, I know most of you have been going out for auditions. Some of you have booked, others have gotten very close to booking and some have not gotten out at all. Let’s discuss this. ACTORS WHO HAVE BOOKED First of all congratulations! Now it’s time for the table read perhaps, […]