5 Easy Audition Tips for Actors

September 3rd, 2010

How many times have you asked yourself as an Actor “what is wrong with me?” “Why can’t I book a job?”

For Parents, ” Do I need to dye or cut my child’s hair for them to get an Acting job?” “I’m more frustrated than my child!”

I get it and just know every actor has been in the question mode before of not knowing what to do or what to adjust. Sometimes you wonder if an Acting career is even right for you, or if bookings seems to be on another planet somewhere.

Here are 5 Easy and Quick Tips to help improve Actor booking ratios Now!

  1. Actors should arrive early. This will reduce stress.
  2. Avoid getting involved in conversations in the waiting area with other Actors. It’s Okay to be cordial, but leave it at that. You can talk to them after your audition if they want to talk to you.
  3. Actors should warm up your instrument before walking in the room. Literally find a corner and get the words out of your mouth and run your scene before you walk in that audition room. If not, your instrument will be cold and flat.
  4. When you go in the audition room, form quick eye contact with ‘Everyone’ in the room. Leave no one out. The person being left out could be the biggest decision maker for your acting career. Everyone wants to feel included.
  5. Walk in the room to be a ‘Blessing’ versus going in the room in desperation mode … “I NEED TO BOOK THIS JOB!” “I NEED THIS TO KEEP GOING.” You NEED to be a blessing and place yourself in the GIVE category instead of the GET category. Casting directors have a way of sensing if an actor has placed pressure on themselves and desperately needs a booking. If we go in to be a blessing and affect the lives of the people in the room, your career will make a drastic UPWARD turn and you will start to GET bookings!:)

Continue to dream!