October 30th, 2010
Alexia’s Smart Tip

Next time you get an audition and need to memorize swiftly, try walking around and doing your lines. The movement will help you memorize faster!

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Here are some quick and simple ways for ACTORS to overcome Frustration.
A) Frustrated over money or other life’s issues
frustrated womanFigure out what is most important to you and start making financial cutbacks in areas that are not important to you. This helps to clarify what is needed most. I would apply the same principal with your time. When you do this, you create more time for yourself and your loved ones.  It was a very easy decision for me when I started out in the business regarding financing my acting career. I would just pull out my plastic card and charge my classes and headshots. I’m not saying that is the best way to do things, but I made a huge sacrifice for my Dream. It paid off for me a million times over.
In today’s society, I would recommend asking a family member who really believes in you for a loan!Smile Regarding other life’s issues, challenges come up to perfect us. Try talking to a very close friend that you trust. Others talk to professionals in that area. Bottom line, don’t keep heavy things bottled up if it is frustrating you.
B) Not enough Acting auditions
I’m sure you are not alone in this area. I believe an actor should do whatever is necessary to master the auditions you do get.  If you want to blame the lack of auditions on your agent, then maybe send an email to your agent checking to see if you can do anything differently. If nothing changes and you’ve given them time to get you out (at least 3 to 6 months) more frequently, then make the decision to get another agent if you think they are not doing their job ( I would strongly urge being open and honest with your agent before leaving them). If you choose to stay, then please don’t complain about them. Keep your agent in your thoughts, become their biggest fan and supporter of their dream, and let them know that you are grateful for the auditions they have gotten you. Who knows how far that can take you. This is by no means the end all be all, just some things to think about.
C) Getting Callbacks, but not Booking the Acting Job as much as you would like to,
I could write a book on this one alone but I won’t right now. When you are getting the callbacks, that is awesome. I know callbacks don’t put money in your pocket, but what that means is you are on the right track! You may not get the job because you look like someone’s relative that they hate. Hey, I can’t tell you how many jobs I’ve booked because they liked my smile. Just know it may not be anything you are personally doing wrong. Stay encouraged and continue to feed positive thoughts into your spirit and surround yourself with positive people who believe in you. Eventually, more BOOKINGS will come pouring in!
Here are some additional things to take a look at:
#1  Do the research and take a great audition technique

class (smartactors.com). Many times, we feel we are doing

everything right in the actual audition arena, and there are
actually minor adjustments that can be made that will turn into
#2 See what is working and what is not working and make an
adjustment. Examples would be your hair style, what you are
wearing, your behavior in the actual casting room, for parents …
sometimes your behavior in the waiting area …
#3 If you have a private coach and the feedback from casting is
less than desirable over and over again, and you know you are
following the notes given to you by your coach. Then, consider
trying a different coach.
#4 For those of you training at an acting school
I know many times it can be frustrating if an acting school has a policy for students to rehearse twice a week and your partner refuses to return your call. I would suggest contacting your instructor immediately and requesting another scene partner. I would also suggest requesting to work with the strongest and most dedicated actors within your level.  Here’s a little secret, at some point, instructors always know who is dedicated in that area and who is not. What they generally will do is to pair the unenthusiastic actors together. This generally teaches them what it feels like to do this to others. Then the most dedicated actors will end up working together. Gosh, it sounds like we’re in preschool. lol SmileAll is fair.
For more detailed information about overcoming Frustration, November 2010, checkoutwww.SmartActors.com