Actors Holiday Bliss

November 24th, 2010

Feature Article 

Actors Holiday Bliss … Opportunities for New Biz!!!

Written by Alexia Robinson

Holiday season is here! As we know, most of us can get very stressed during this time when it should be a time of bliss with our family and friends and impact the world by sending a message of Love and being inspired in the process.

Here are some tips I want to share with you …


Setting a budget.

I’ve seen so many people buy things they cannot afford because they are feeling that the gift should have a certain materialistic value.  I believe the best gifts come from the heart.  Try putting a photo album together, writing poetry and presenting it on beautiful stationery, making a special breakfast, lunch or dinner, baking, giving a gift of your time by donating a service you know they need. Not only will that keep you within your budget, but will impact the world by sending a gift from the heart. What a powerful and loving message…


For gifts you feel you must buy.

Holidays have a way of depleting your savings. When you shop, try spending cash instead of using your credit card. If you use your credit card, use it sparingly for items you know you can pay off in a month or so. 


As actors, you will need finances for survival and for your career as an actor. 

Let’s face it, being an actor is definitely an investment! You need money for Acting Classes, Privates,  Wardrobe, Getting your hair cut or styled, Photos, and other items like envelopes, gas for your auditions and bookings, transportation, food and of course a roof over your head. The cost of living is high enough, so paying close attention to the way you spend your money year round, and  especially during the holidays means more money in your pocket to invest in “You.”


Holiday Season is a great time to be inspired for starting your own Biz!

To me. there is nothing like working for yourself. Being an actor, you will need flexibility to audition and show up on the set for your Bookings. By having your own business, it will give you a sense of freedom and flexibility that is needed. Try taking a look at things you LOVE to do.  That might start to ignite ideas about your New Biz! By no means am I saying leave your day job. I would not leave that until you Must. That is why I encourage you to have your own business on the side always … even when you become famous. Notice how Celebrities open restaurants and have clothing and perfume lines. That is so SMART!  Check out for guidance with your new biz. If you sign up for her E-letter, you will receive a lot of excellent FREE tips.

A neighbor of mine would bake cookies and pies for gifts during the Holiday Season. She LOVED doing that and was very good at it. We encouraged her to start her own Biz. She now has a very successful business catering to restaurants around Los Angeles and taking individual orders!

Enjoy the season!!! Continued to be inspired! Spread the Love to the world. 

Happy Holidays, Alexia

November 4th, 2010

Featured Article

Here are some quick and simple ways to overcome Frustration.
A) Frustrated over money or other life’s issues
frustrated womanFigure out what is most important to you and start making financial cutbacks in areas that are not important to you. This helps to clarify what is needed most. I would apply the same principal with your time. When you do this, you create more time for yourself and your loved ones.  It was a very easy decision for me when I started out in the business regarding financing my acting career. I would just pull out my plastic card and charge my classes and headshots. I’m not saying that is the best way to do things, but I made a huge sacrifice for my Dream. It paid off for me a million times over.
In today’s society, I would recommend asking a family member who really believes in you for a loan!Smile Regarding other life’s issues, challenges come up to perfect us. Try talking to a very close friend that you trust. Others talk to professionals in that area. Bottom line, don’t keep heavy things bottled up if it is frustrating you.
B) Not enough auditions
I’m sure you are not alone in this area. I believe an actor should do whatever is necessary to master the auditions you do get.  If you want to blame the lack of auditions on your agent, then maybe send an email to your agent checking to see if you can do anything differently. If nothing changes and you’ve given them time to get you out (at least 3 to 6 months) more frequently, then make the decision to get another agent if you think they are not doing their job ( I would strongly urge being open and honest with your agent before leaving them). If you choose to stay, then please don’t complain about them. Keep your agent in your thoughts, become their biggest fan and supporter of their dream, and let them know that you are grateful for the auditions they have gotten you. Who knows how far that can take you. This is by no means the end all be all, just some things to think about.
C) Getting Callbacks, but not Booking as much as you would like to,
I could write a book on this one alone but I won’t right now. When you are getting the callbacks, that is awesome. I know callbacks don’t put money in your pocket, but what that means is you are on the right track! You may not get the job because you look like someone’s relative that they hate. Hey, I can’t tell you how many jobs I’ve booked because they liked my smile. Just know it may not be anything you are personally doing wrong. Stay encouraged and continue to feed positive thoughts into your spirit and surround yourself with positive people who believe in you. Eventually, more BOOKINGS will come pouring in!
Here are some additional things to take a look at:
#1  Do the research and take a great audition technique

class ( Many times, we feel we are doing

everything right in the actual audition arena, and there are
actually minor adjustments that can be made that will turn into
#2 See what is working and what is not working and make an
adjustment. Examples would be your hair style, what you are
wearing, your behavior in the actual casting room, for parents …
sometimes your behavior in the waiting area …
#3 If you have a private coach and the feedback from casting is
less than desirable over and over again, and you know you are
following the notes given to you by your coach. Then, consider
trying a different coach.
D) For those of you training at an acting school
I know many times it can be frustrating if an acting school has a policy for students to rehearse twice a week and your partner refuses to return your call. I would suggest contacting your instructor immediately and requesting another scene partner. I would also suggest requesting to work with the strongest and most dedicated actors within your level.  Here’s a little secret, at some point, instructors always know who is dedicated in that area and who is not. What they generally will do is to pair the unenthusiastic actors together. This generally teaches them what it feels like to do this to others. Then the most dedicated actors will end up working together. Gosh, it sounds like we’re in preschool. lol SmileAll is fair.
For more detailed information about overcoming Frustration, November 2010,

About Alexia

alexia-murphyAlexia Robinson is CEO of Alexia Robinson Studio and has been teaching over 15 years. This highly acclaimed Acting Coach is dedicated to training actors around the world in a revolutionary way giving them Proven and Powerful tools that lead to Booking Jobs!  She enjoys sharing her experience as a working actor with her expert advice as well as giving tools for life to achieve a Dream lifestyle.
Alexia is thrilled to announce, the Online Worldwide Actor Training division of Alexia Robinson studio. will launch November 2010!  Alexia can train you whether you are in New Zealand or Los Angeles! This New service will give you the opportunity to have Alexia as your private Acting Coach!Plus she has a team of coaches who are working actors to assist her withworldwide WEBCAM Coaching. will simplify your life giving you the results you deserve.
Alexia’s Smart Tip
When you are at your auditions, try not to talk to the actors in the waiting area. A simple hi is fine. I would suggest ‘Not’ engaging in conversation. You would be leaving yourself open for actors to brag about their most recent booking they just had with the biggest star on the planet. It doesn’t help hearing things like that before you walk in the door to audition for the same role they are auditioning for. You can always speak to them after your audition if you want to.
Go get ’em!!!

Feature Article

November 1st, 2010

Actors, get off your butt!

Written by Alexia Robinson

I bet I got your attention with the subject heading this week, huh? I’m serious.  We are getting ready to enter a New Year in a couple of months! I need to make sure you do something different so next year is not the same is this year. Whatever you did this year must improve next year.

#1 Set a goal.

If you don’t set a goal, you wander around in life and never get anywhere. The day before yesterday, I was in the weirdest mood. I got in my car and drove around aimlessly for about an hour. Anyone who knows me is aware that I don’t like to drive.

So, doing that was odd in itself. I had no set place I was going. It became a bit frustrating to the point that I had to pull to the side of the road. I sat there and thought, “What am I doing?!” “I’m wasting valuable time and I need to figure this out right now!”  I ended up

window shopping at a nearby store. I thought that might be more productive.:) Saw some really cute things. Okay, back to the subject.  Yesterday, I set Goals for myself. There were some very critical items that needed to be finalized for I worked on it for the entire day, and when I was done, what a great sense of accomplishment. What a productive and awesome day it was. That is what setting a goal will do. It gives you clear direction and a path to cross the finish line.

#2 Choose your mentors carefully.

Choose someone who has done what you want to do and learn from them.  One of my favorite quotes is a wise man learns from another man’s mistakes. 

There are wonderful mentors that are willing to ‘share’ and guide you every step of the way. Just do your research. Ask other actors who helped them along the way. Maybe see if that same person would be willing to guide you. 

I received a note from a former student, Amber Greene just a week ago. She responded to the last eblast entitled Gratitude. This is what she wrote to me: is a wonderful and smart idea. I recently went with a friend to their Master Class. I must say and I apologize that I have taken you for granted. I was so shocked at some of the questions that working students were asking their teacher and the manner she answered them. You are a jackpot of information and you share. I am confident that your students are the most informed professionals in the industry. I am sincere about this. 

Amber Greene

#3 Find TIME to dedicate to your acting career.

In order to do this, you must manage your TIME effectively.  TIME is our most valuable asset. You cannot give your acting career the TIME that is needed if you ‘do not’ get rid of things that are squeezing the life out of your TIME that you cannot get back. That TIME is gone! Look at where you are spending your TIME the most. Just write down everything you do from the time you wake up until you go to sleep. Just try it for 5 days and you will know where your TIME is going.  

For my students who try to give me the excuse that they were working (non acting job) or doing their homework, I don’t want to hear it! That’s an excuse to me. There are 24 hours a day 7 days a week, which totals 168 hours per week! As actors, you must create the time to do something for your career everyday. So get off your butt and …

Read books on acting, watch films that star actors who you think are excellent, people watch (watch their mannerisms — see how they walk when they are rushing to get somewhere or strolling in the park — do they drag their feet when they are tired — how are they dressed — look at their hair — look at their shoes — this can go on… by the time you get done watching someone long enough you will know plenty about them. That will help you to create ‘your characters’). 

#4 Study ‘You’ and the world around you. 

I’ve heard that phrase so many times from so many people I look up to. To me, that is powerful for actors. You will learn a wealth of information from just studying yourself.  Travel whenever you can. Wow … there’s a huge world out there … go and explore.  

 #5 You must be willing to change.

That is one of the hardest things for some people to do. I cannot believe the resistance for some people. I believe it’s fear based.  We get scared and nervous so it’s more comfortable to sometimes just keep doing what we are comfortable with. When we are in our comfort zone, it’s simple, WE DON’T GROW. I’m not saying it’s easy, but we must always leave ourselves open to get better to hear from others that are wiser than us.  I personally know that some people will unleash their wrath when they are being asked to do something different. They feel that they cannot handle the change effectively, when in fact, most times we can. If someone is asking you to change for the better, then that means what you are doing is not working. So, that is when we must use our Faith no matter how scary it is letting go in that way. We must Trust that everything will be okay. When we do this, we leave ourselves open to amazing empowerment and amazing gifts! 

#6 Know your worth.

Invest in yourself. Train (if you are training, then rehearse and study, study, study) and make no excuses to not do what is necessary for your Dream. I notice we manage to find the money to do whatever it is that we want to do. However, sometimes when it comes to our Dream in life, we see that as a luxury. Once you see that as a greater Need and do what is necessary to equip yourself properly, you will get something different in your career and in your life … So, get off your butt!!!!