They Aint No Good

After Randy tries to rape Aprils niece the maintenance man, Sandino hit him in the nose. April invites Randy to take a bath while she


Jennifer wakes up in the middle of the night to give her little brother his Insulin. In the kitchen, she finds her boyfriend sitting at


Julia tries to surprise her boyfriend who is a doctor at his hospital. She finds out from the nurse that he is married.

Assistant One Night Stand

Liz and Jason work together and are having an affair. They meet at her home and Jason is excited to see Liz in a different


Carly and Sam are dating the same guy. They have an agreement to be mature about the situation. Turns out maturity only goes so far.

Stolen Money

Steve finds a suitcase full of money under his neighbors porch. George rushes over as soon as he could to find out the news that

After Dinner After Break Up

Johnny and Gary sit at the bar while Gary tells Johnny about how he and his girlfriend broke up. Johnny attempts to get more personal

Mood Rings

A boy at school goes around and convinces all the emotional girls to wear mood rings so that the boys will know how they are

Being My Friend

Nora Jane is upset because her parents are getting a divorce. Suzanne is there to comfort her.

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