October 26th, 2011

Restless written by Top Agent, Annie Schwartz – Origin Talent

Restless? I know that from time to time you look at your career, you look at your personal situation, you go over your internal inventory, and in doing so, you feel the need to desperately make changes. How can you enhance your business and creative goals? These decisions are so important, great thought and time goes in to every major decision in your life. Career and personal decisions, these are the ones that build our foundation for our lives.

Fear based decisions can be very detrimental. Be careful. Especially when things are going really well. This is when your fears run even higher. This is when you look around the room and think, I must keep this going, I must utilize this time, and it’s my time, “how can I capitalize on this success.”

Often times this is the time when you are bombarded with lots of career advice from people whom you have just met. People that offer up how if they worked with you your career will most definitely go into the stratosphere given their expertise and strategy. When you make decisions out of fear, sometimes those fears may be suppressed momentarily by the promises of security and a definite reality for your career

If I know one thing in this business, there are no definite situations in this business, that’s the good news and the bad news, and every decision made must be made in terms of gut, instinct, RESEARCH, and recommendation. No one person makes a decision in this business without consultation and discussion. Just when you think your fear based decisions are the best, you might be looking around the room again.

Fear is detrimental. Have faith in your decisions but try not to come from a place of fear. Consult with the team you have chosen to work with, this is “your company”. Trust the people you have chosen. When things are going well, reward your team, they were a part of what got you there, and when your career feels stagnant, look to your team for support and guidance, work together to create opportunity. Work together to strategize for the goals you want to achieve, and trust your instincts. Major corporations hire a team of management to realize the short and long term goals of the company. When they achieve the goals set out they are rewarded with bonuses and encouraged with raises and incentives. I’ve never heard of an executive being fired for doing a great job and realizing the goals of a company. And the commitment of both management and CEO is to work together to realize the company plan and ultimately achieve the goal.

You are the CEO, your career will be up and down, hills and valleys and that is the journey. The journey is perfect. It’s yours.

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October 10th, 2011

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October 10th, 2011

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