Acting School – How do I Pick?

October 9th, 2013

Finding the perfect acting school can be very stressful. There are so many options and choices you have to make and without proper research, it could ruin your experience with acting. To help you make the best match, Alexia Robinson Studio has put together some tips to finding a great acting school.

Lights Camera Action

  • Know what options are available to you—such as online classes or in person classes
  • Research your instructor – knowing their credentials helps you to decide if they know what they are talking about. For example, Alexia Robinson is an award nominated director and world-renowned acting coach
  • Check out their page
    1. Make sure they have a website
    2. Websites mean they take their business seriously and are willing to invest money to present their business properly online
  • Browse their website to get a good idea of what they offer
    -Take the time out to read the testimonials on their website
  • Check out their social media pages and see what they have to say and what people are saying about them
  • See if you can find a sample video of one of their classes
  • Audit a class-Most audit rates are free up to $50 per class

    When auditing

    1. See if the students respect their instructor and each other
    2. See if the instructor is truthful about their critiques of the scene work.
    3. If an instructor is afraid to say anything more than “good job,” they could possibly be concerned about losing students
    4. It’s better to have an instructor who is guiding you to be more concerned about helping you do brilliant work versus losing you as a student
  • Most of all— follow your gut instincts. You will know what to do.