Pilot Season Preparation

December 5th, 2013

Pilot Season is here

Are you prepared?

Pilot season is here! It tends to sneak up on us with the holidays, so here are some ways to prepare for how crazy it can get.

Pilot Season Preparation

  1. Sleep, eat, and exercise.
    It is important to eat well and care for your body. The business doesn’t have time to care about your needs—in fact, things frequently overlap and cause stress. Being disciplined in how you eat and properly exercising and resting your body will be good for both ends of business.
  2. Gather your Tools.
    Get those headshots taken now, not next month. Make sure your real is the best it can be. Even make sure your phone is working, you printer has ink, and your car has gas. You want to make sure you can get the calls that count, can print out sides, and can get to those auditions. Pilot season can be hectic, so prepare now. Establish a routine, find a quiet place to work, and get your A-game ready.
  3. Know your Team.
    Who is representing you? Contact them. Make sure there is solid commitment on both sides to work together. Talk about the pilot season and see if they have an idea of what it will look like this year. Discuss where you will fit best. Make sure everything is smoothed out and you are on the same page. If you don’t have representation like an agent or manager, it will be up to you to represent yourself and come up with a plan.
  4. Live your Life.
    Make sure to not spend all your time working and living in isolation. Don’t go out too much and forget about steps number one and two. Make plans and commit to them – unless you will be filming a pilot. Don’t live with the idea that you can’t go anywhere because what if you get an audition. That will leave you bitter and unhappy, and you can say goodbye to employment.
  5. Take a Class.
    Make sure to stay engaged with your work, even when you aren’t auditioning. Taking classes can help keep those artistic juices flowing. Practicing will keep you confident during auditions. Try a scene study class at Alexia Robinson Studio to stay limber. Classes are good to get into a routine of working consistently.

Make the most of your career, it’s up to you.

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