Susan enters her newly purchased condo only to find the previous  tenant Trevor still living there. He refuses to leave out of protest of his

The Last Can

Rim and Myla live together, Rim is extremely hungry and there’s on can of food left. Myla doesn’t want any but that doesn’t stop her

Not Smart

Believing this to be the state of their Portuguese maid, her married employers, artists Milo and Fannie Tate, try to help her.  Fannie, however, becomes


From the play One Way or Another by D.M. Larson Ron misses Jane and expresses that to her and how great she looks but she

The Heat

Detective Shannon and Special Agent Sarah are trying to catch a criminal and Detective Shannon may blow their cover because she doesn’t fit in and

Neverland 911

In this outrageous spoof, Neverland’s 911 operator deals with some wildly imaginative “emergency situations. Female Monologues From CSI Neverland By Wade Bradford

A Model in Descent

During a photo shoot is become apparent to Peter that Tammy is “using”   A Model In Descent By Chad Schnackel and David Dalton


The Assistant and Detective are at a crime scene. The Assistant thinks they are waiting for forensics but the Detective believes the only important information

Love and Basketball

Quincy goes on a date with another girl and Monica is not okay with that.

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