A Question You Want an Agent to Answer

February 20th, 2014

A Question You Want an Agent to Answer

You have decided acting is your path. Maybe you were in drama or you took a few classes, but something clicked and you decided you were ready to take this thing seriously. So you are ready for an agent. Oohhh fancy!

A Question You Want an Agent to Answer

Of course before you actually land an agent there are meetings with agents and both you and the agent essentially interview each other to see if there will be a strong relationship.

(Note that I say interview each other. Ask questions! You don’t want an agent who sees you as an easy way to make money or one that will take advantage of you. You want an agent that is going to represent you and help you make it in the business.)

But, I’m sure you are a little nervous about meeting with agents and you want to know the best way to impress them. So you start wondering and come up with a question you want an agent to answer.

What are some agents’ turn offs when it comes to signing an actor?

1. Confidence is a good thing, but remember that you haven’t landed the job yet. Don’t let pride be your downfall. This career path is one that is earned, one step at a time. Throw that sense of entitlement out the window before you meet with an agent. Chin up, smile bright, but don’t expect someone to hand over a career in a pearly white invitation. Agents will turn their noses up at you.

2. Be practical about the roles you can play. An agent isn’t going to sign someone who demands to compete with Leonardo DiCaprio right off the bat. You have to work your butt off to compete for roles that go to the big celebs. Don’t have unrealistic expectations because an agent will know they can’t meet them and will essentially tune out right then and there.

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