Pop Goes The Star

Jesse, a bodyguard, confronts Ariana about her wild antics, while trying to hide his feelings for her. Ariana, a spoiled pop star singer, doesn’t handle

The Ride Home

Mark discovers there are still attractive girls who will actually come over to his apartment to borrow a cup of sugar, but he makes this

Dirty Talk

Two girlfriends discussing awkward names their guys have given them or their body parts. Their body parts don’t live up to the names

It’s Complicated

Jane catches her therapist Dr. Allen before he enters the building. She needs a quick unbiased opinion on the affair and she has brought his


Hugh has strong thoughts on the recent news of possible attacks on European cities

Peter Pan

Peter Pan and Wendy meet and discuss the Lost Boys, growing up and mothers. Wendy has to grow up tomorrow and Peter Pan will not

Serial Killers

Terrance kidnaps Trish with plans to torture and killer, but Trish isn’t so stable herself which confuses Terrence.

Toe Doctor

Mike Neil and Leah are all headed to dinner and Leah freaks out about stubbing her toe. So they are forced to find her a

Winterns Miragenew

Liam and Simon rush to get ready, they can’t be late. Joanna, Liam’s wife watches as they rush and gives her motherly commentary. Liam and

The Holiday

Amanda is completely stressed and needs a vacation. She rants about all the different problems within her generation and how stress affects women.

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