Male Unbonding

Joel and Jerry are out to lunch catching up and they find they maybe they should no longer be friends but one of them takes

Sam and Carly

Sam and Carly are both dating Shane. They fight and argue over him despite the fact that they agreed to be mature about the situation.

Amazing News

Aaron and Daphne are dating. Aaron’s a musician and Daphne is a hospital intern. Daphne gets a job offer in Seattle and tells Aaron they

It’s Complicated-Divorce

Jake and Jane made plans to meet up for dinner. Jake doesn’t show up leaving Jane with a fully prepared meal


Molly is still grieving the loss of her boyfriend. Her friend Carl pays her a visit but what she doesn’t know is Carl has always

Breaking The News

Nick come into his office to tell his client Clyde that he is now working with onr of the guys who killed his family. However,

Jasmine and Patrick

Jasmine and Patrick have just finished running and Jasmine notices Patrick wheezing. She believes he has asthma but Patrick is very defensive about it

A Walk To Remember

Jamie and Landon walk under the starry sky discussing religion and love. Landon decides to kiss Jamie and tell her how he feels about her.

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