• Working with Alexia Robinson means working with one of the best. She’s prepared, professional and profoundly talented. For those fortunate enough to be her students, Alexia inspires discipline and love of the craft. Training with Alexia Robinson means training to someday be called, “The best!”

    –Meg DeLoatch, Creator/Executive Producer of ‘Eve’

  • I’ve never seen so many talented actors in one place!

    – Marnie Saitta, Casting Director of Days of Our Lives

  • I feel that Alexia’s classes are exceptional, introspective, and honest. Her feedback to her students is outstanding. I saw immediate improvements. I can’t say enough about her talent!

    –Thomas Prochnow, Stone Manners Talent Agency

  • Training at Alexia Robinson Studio and is like creating a 3D world. Something to live in and be a part of. It's an unbelievable experience.

    – Pete Switenko, Actor

  • I was truly impressed with Alexia’s style of teaching as well as the way she inspired her actors. I will not hesitate to let actors know about Alexia Robinson Studio.

    –Nicole Connor, McDonald Selznick Agency

  • I have watched students progress from starry eyed wannabees to fully accomplished professional actors on television and film under the guidance of Alexia Robinson.” –Akira Nakano, Producer

  • Alexia’s studio is in a class by itself … top notch all the way! –Mike O’Dell, Bobby Ball Talent Agency

  • Coming from being an actor herself, Alexia is not only one of the most informative coaches in Los Angeles, but by far one of the most inspiring and moving coaches I have experienced in the business.

    – Edward E. Cohen, Producer

  • Alexia Robinson is a Master. – David Krapes, Terra Nova Entertainment, Manager

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