With a busy career spanning from her break on Arnold Swarzenegger’s “Total Recall” to work on “The Young and the Restless” and “CSI Miami,” Alexia has wonderfully navigated Hollywood’s potential snares to elevate and develop her career every step of the way, from young actor to adult actor to director …

The list of Alexia’s celebrity students, friends and colleagues is the result of her long tenure as a Hollywood fixture and testament to her strong work ethic, passion, discipline, talent and reputation as a highly skilled artist.

Alexia’s success, experience, and longevity make her uniquely qualified to guide her students in achieving even greater success.

Young & the Restless with Eva Longoria, CBS

Alexia Robinson with Eva Longoria

The Nutty Professor with Eddie Murphy, Universal Studios

Alexia Robinson with Eddie Murphy

Ursula Joyner interviews Alexia