About ARS and Alexia Robinson

At Alexia Robinson Studio, our focus is Scene Study training for TV and Film work. We also offer Book A Coach where actors from anywhere in the world can be trained by award winning and leading experts in the field of acting. To accelerate the actors training more aggressively, we’ve added a new division, SmartActors.com. With this new division, actors can have very affordable training online from the convenience of their home.

Alexia has trained thousands of actors of all ages and levels, providing actors with excellent training since 1998. Many of those actors are celebrities and working actors today.

Success …

Award winning actress and director Alexia Robinson has worked on some of the biggest blockbuster films to the most popular television shows and will share her brilliant industry insight with you!

Experience …

Silver screen, Sitcoms, Daytime TV, Primetime drama; she’s been where you need to go!

Longevity …

As far back as Hill St. Blues and as current as CSI Miami, Alexia has successfully worked in this business for almost 20 years!

Alexia Robinson with Eddie Murphy

Alexia Robinson with Eva Longoria

With a busy career spanning from her break on Arnold Swarzenegger’s “Total Recall” to work on “The Young and the Restless” and “CSI Miami,” Alexia has wonderfully navigated Hollywood’s potential snares to elevate and develop her career every step of the way, from young actor to adult actor to director …

The list of Alexia’s celebrity students, friends and colleagues is the result of her long tenure as a Hollywood fixture and testament to her strong work ethic, passion, discipline, talent and reputation as a highly skilled artist.

Alexia’s success, experience, and longevity make her uniquely qualified to guide her students in achieving even greater success.