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Turkey Day

This character is struggling with the news that her husband told his mother that he would prefer a traditional genocide and subjugation of an indigenous

Youtube Diva

Actress is considering her options on how she will be discovered. From Disney to Youtube, there isn’t a choice she doesn’t consider.


In this outrageous spoof, Neverland’s 911 operator deals with some wildly imaginative “emergency situations.”

Irreconcilable Differences

Casey vaguely recaps his childhood and how parents should not treat their children as if they are dogs. Forgotten about when their busy but noticed

Blood Diamond

Maddy is stuck between a  rock and a hard place. She wants to write more meaningful stories but without the facts or a statement, she

Under Siege

Jamie, 20-30’s, is suddenly concerned about her partners feelings re: her abortion

Addison And Lois

This character tells the story about how she was attacked by several boys sexually and she was punished by her dad for being late after

Good Luck Bamboo

Melanie gives good luck bamboo to her boyfriend football team and it sturs up a gift giving competition between the guys. Now it’s causing drama

Eastern Standard

Phoebe, a Manhattan stockbroker, describes breaking up with her sleazebag boyfriend after learning that he has been linked to a scandal. She is talking to

The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me

This student struggles with the question asked by the teacher “What was the best thing that ever happened to me?” Alternate Ending

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