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Life As A House

Sam and George are relatives. George takes prescription medicine and Sam starts taking to get high.

Ashley And Kale

Ashley meets a new guy in the neighborhood who seems to be interested in her. Which isn’t so bad since she was forcefully relocated.


Joss desperately tries to stop Savi from making the same mistakes from last year causing her to have to pick up the pieces. It was

Overbearing Mother

William starts to make new friends and is going to a dance. His mom Elaine is overbearing and obsesses about him being out of her

Grounded For Sister

Anne and Mike are siblings, and Anne finds out Mike is grounded for a month because of a fight. To her surprise, Mike fought Carl

Angels in America

Joe follows Louis to the park. Louis doesn’t want to be touched but Joe softens him up, then Joe doesn’t want to go with Louis

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