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No Sure Thing

Ephram is completely interested in taking the plunge with Madison. Madison explains about how unsatisfying her first time was and all of the stress that

Ashley And Kale

Ashley meets a new guy in the neighborhood who seems to be interested in her. Which isn’t so bad since she was forcefully relocated.

Overbearing Mother

William starts to make new friends and is going to a dance. His mom Elaine is overbearing and obsesses about him being out of her

Grounded For Sister

Anne and Mike are siblings, and Anne finds out Mike is grounded for a month because of a fight. To her surprise, Mike fought Carl

The Worst Day Of My Life

September 2009, Allie has not been feeling well.  She’s not her youthful, playful self.  Out of concern for their daughter, her parents have taken her

The Story Books

Jenna and Adam are best friends.  Jenna is moving to a new family.  Both are sadden by this news.  Adam finds it very difficult to

When A Man Loves A Woman

Michael attends an AA meeting for the significant others of alcoholics and Alice attends an actual AA meeting because she is an alcoholic. Things spin


A woman meets a man on the ferry who’s from Staten Island and she soon realizes this man has lived a very sheltered life. He

The Onion Girl

Kyle and Sarah finish their date and the relationship is over before it even begins …because she ate onions.

Mid Life Crisis

As the two prepare for bed, Robert is distracted when Jane enters to see a notebook on the bed; she opens it and begins to

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