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Life As A House

Sam and George are relatives. George takes prescription medicine and Sam starts taking to get high.

Cameron and Michael

Michael is totally shocked that Cameron asked out the most beautiful girl in school. Cameron has a plan that includes a guy in honors biology

Angels in America

Joe follows Louis to the park. Louis doesn’t want to be touched but Joe softens him up, then Joe doesn’t want to go with Louis


Campbell has began to do bigger work as an actor and Zed admires this. They spend time catching up on the currents and the past

Espresso Cafe

Any town USA,  an autumn morning.  P.J. comes in for the usual latte but today something is not quite right.

21 Grams

Jack Jordan is in prison for killing a man and two children in a hit-and-run accident. He confesses angrily to Reverend John that he feels


The Assistant and Detective are at a crime scene. The Assistant thinks they are waiting for forensics but the Detective believes the only important information


Hugh has strong thoughts on the recent news of possible attacks on European cities

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