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Thanksgiving in the Wilderness

Rita is over guys that claim to be hurt just so they have an excuse to sleep around. She rants about her feelings due to

Ten Thousand Cigarettes

Gloria and Diane talk about their love for cigarettes. How great they taste, how relaxing they are, their fantasies about cigarettes.

Dog Hair

Gina tries desperately to get her roommate Michelle through a serious hangover and off to a job interview, in which she is running late and


Janey and Jessica go out to the bar and Jessica is looking to get into all the wrong things tonight.

The Boom Boom Room

Chrissy is a naive young woman who arrives in 1960s Philadelphia with dreams of achieving stardom as a dancer. Desperation leads her to take a job at

Donna and Leslie

Donna and Leslie laugh and talk about the lame party they went to. They also talk about how they becsme friends since Donna is popular

Every Sport

Rikki(Anna) confesses to Beck that she’s really a girl. She pretended to be a boy to prove that girls can and should be able to

10 Things I Hate About You

Kat is drunk which is out of her character.  Patrick is there to keep an eye on her.

16 Candles

Sam expresses to a geek how bad her birthday was. He tries his best to confort her by telling her his biggest secret…..that he’s never

Sexual Life

Lorna and Todd meet to discuss how what she will do for him based on how generous he’s willing to be with his wallet

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