Ashley and Willow sit in the diner bored when Ashley tells Willow that she’s leaving her boyfriend. Willow pries until she discovers that Ashley’s boyfriend

Little Bird

Prandy gets pregnant and puts her focus more on the father leaving than the baby. Maura tries to get her to focus on the important

I Wanna Sing In The Choir

Rita wants to sing in the choir but Florence refuses to let her because of the mistakes her dad made.

I Know That Look

Jennifer thanks her Aunt April for believing her when Aprils boyfriend tried to rape her. April knew that look all too well since she had

Teach Me How To Love

April finally realizes that she loves Sandino, her maintenance man after he expresses his love and frustration for her.

Struck Nerve

After trying to electrocute her boyfriend for trying to rape her niece, April heads to the bar. At the bar, she finds Sandino, the maintenance

They Aint No Good

After Randy tries to rape Aprils niece the maintenance man, Sandino hit him in the nose. April invites Randy to take a bath while she


Jennifer wakes up in the middle of the night to give her little brother his Insulin. In the kitchen, she finds her boyfriend sitting at


Julia tries to surprise her boyfriend who is a doctor at his hospital. She finds out from the nurse that he is married.

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