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Cindi and Lulu

Cindi and Lulu both learn a valuable lesson about life: honesty and forgiveness.

The Parent Trap

Two young girls, Hallie and Annie, begin to realize they may be related.

The Accused

In this screenplay, Katherine Murphy is the attorney representing Sara (Jodie Foster) who has been raped multiple times.


LINDSAY PATTERSON, 25, is in a wheelchair and has a very positive outlook on life although she will never get full use of her legs. BRENDA,

Dolores Claiborne

Dolores tries to tell her daughter Selena about her abusive past with her father.

Nine Lives

Two sisters have a dramatic confrontation regarding their dad and their past.

The Plan

Ruth is determined to plan a daring bank robbery. Caitlin is along for the adventure.

Kathryn & Sally

KATHRYN carries a deep-sated resentment for her father who has recently returned to his wife and family after a period living with a younger woman. 

Tangled Web

Ruth and a woman compete for the affections of Neal, their blind online date.

The Ketchup Bottle

Two girls sit and argue about Ketchup. One is clearly annoyed with the others behavior. Even down to the way she rips the paper off

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