First Assistant

Emily drops the ball and doesn’t successfully get Miranda’s appointment handled so while Emily is at Miranda’s every beck and call, Miranda still insults her.

First Assistant Second Assistant

Emily called Andy to rush the the Runway offices and bring some things for their boss, Miranda Priestly and Andy is taking a long time.

New Assistant

Miranda interviews Andy. Andy give Miranda a rundown of what experience she has and Miranda is not impressed. Instead she belittles her and insults her.

Stepin Fetchit

Andrea is getting married and her sister is helping her get ready. She is wearing the wedding dress her mother wore when she got married. 


Alex’s moms boyfriend maxed out her moms credit cards and got arrested so now Alex and her mother are facing an eviction. Alex now has

Jade Dumps Beck

Jade dumps Beck and later regrets it. Now she turns to Tori, a girl she doesn’t even like for help.

10 Things I Hate About You

Kat dated Joey and he convinced her to do it because everyone else was doing it. When Kat said she no longer wanted to he

5 Women Wearing The Same Dress

Two bridesmaids, who were good friends in high school, steal away to a hotel suite after the ceremony to talk about their love lives and


Alex mom’s boyfriend is arrested for fraud and he also ran up their credit cards. Now in danger of being evicted Alex gets a job

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