Road Block

Gail reports her purse and car has gone missing. The detective Brenda goes over her story to fill in the gaps due to Gail’s car

Addison And Lois

This character tells the story about how she was attacked by several boys sexually and she was punished by her dad for being late after

Eastern Standard

Phoebe, a Manhattan stockbroker, describes breaking up with her sleazebag boyfriend after learning that he has been linked to a scandal. She is talking to

Rachel Getting Married

Kym tells the story of how her being high on percocet caused her to kill her younger brother.

Freedom Writers

A student draws a picture of the black student with big lips and Erin is appalled and relates that treatment to the Jews

21 Grams

Jack Jordan is in prison for killing a man and two children in a hit-and-run accident. He confesses angrily to Reverend John that he feels

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