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phANTom Locker

Olive and Cameron are locker neighbors and Cameron has gotten tired of Olive and her ways. He tells her a tale about the Phantom Locker

Locker Neighbor

Cameron is locker neighbors with Olive and she is driving him crazy. So, he talks to China about it because China and Olive are best

Get Our Party On

China is the new girl at school and she makes friends with Olive and Fletcher who are in the Advanced Natural Talents program. All students

Regina George

Cady is the new girl at school and Regina is the mean popular girl.  Regina pretends to be friends with Cady and makes a move

Introduction To The Plastics

Cady is new at school so her new friends Janice and Damien give her the run down on the popular crowd

Fabulous But Evil

Cady is the new girl at school and Regina is the popular girl. She invites Cady to have lunch with the popular crowd for the

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