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When It Rains Gasoline

When it Rains Gasoline is a dark piece about the reality of being a high student in the world today.  There are some kids who

School Girl Figure

Renee and Patty try to figure out what to do with this dead girl. Renee obviously feels no remorse because she tries to take her

16 Candles

Sam expresses to a geek how bad her birthday was. He tries his best to confort her by telling her his biggest secret…..that he’s never

A Quiet Place to Rest

Robert is trying to close the cemetery and find Penelope a tv psychic laying on a bench. He asks her to leave but she refuses


Charlie freaks out because he is used to having Bonnie in the play with him. She supports him and is there in case he forgets

Peter Pan

Peter Pan and Wendy meet and discuss the Lost Boys, growing up and mothers. Wendy has to grow up tomorrow and Peter Pan will not


A girl speaks about her love for the smell of Jasmine and what it does for her.

Missing Mandy

Revised. A  girl speaks about her classmate Mandy who was being physically abused by her father

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