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Cindi and Lulu

Cindi and Lulu both learn a valuable lesson about life: honesty and forgiveness.


Hank and Ian appear to be stranded on a deserted island.

The Parent Trap

Two young girls, Hallie and Annie, begin to realize they may be related.

The Secret Garden

Mary discovers Colin for the first time in his room, propped up on his bed.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Tom finally gets the opportunity, at school, to try to win the affections of beautiful, blue-eyed Becky Thatcher.

Jen And Gwen

Jen and Gwen are cousins and they are going on a trip. However, Jen is not fond of the idea that Gwen is going

The Princess Bride

Jacob is sick and his grandpa comes to visit him. When Chloe tells him the news he’s not thrilled about it

Stolen Money

Steve finds a suitcase full of money under his neighbors porch. George rushes over as soon as he could to find out the news that

Mood Rings

A boy at school goes around and convinces all the emotional girls to wear mood rings so that the boys will know how they are

Being My Friend

Nora Jane is upset because her parents are getting a divorce. Suzanne is there to comfort her.

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