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Julia finds out that Harrison has been lying to her and has a wife, kids, and a home. So she meets him at Crustacean, where

You Have Really Screwed Yourself

Slim goes to see a specialist about her situation with Mitch beating her. She offers him all the money she has for him to say


Juno finally tells her parents that she’s pregnant after finding adoptive parents in the Penny Savers and setting a day to meet them.

Flirtation Deface

Spinner finds a reason to talk to Terri and asks to borrow her notes. Ashley knows Spinner like Terri because Spinner doesn’t pay attention in

Power Trip

Emma and Manny are afraid as new 6th graders of middle school and Spinner an eighth grader,  doesn’t make it any easier.

Saving Emma

Emma meets a guy on the internet and lies to her friends about going to meet him. Toby breaks into her email and finds out


Dionne comes home to her apartment and Melanie is there. Dionne wasn’t expecting Melanie to be home. Dionne is now forced to tell Melanie that

Glamour & Excitement

Bernadette convinces her brother Flex to break the news to their father that she no longer wants to be a lawyer, She wants to be

Teenage Stuff

Dena, Melody and Russell are high school students and the best of friends.  Russell has a huge crush on Melody, he adores her. Mel kinda

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