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The Secret Garden

Mary discovers Colin for the first time in his room, propped up on his bed.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Tom finally gets the opportunity, at school, to try to win the affections of beautiful, blue-eyed Becky Thatcher.

The Princess Bride

Jacob is sick and his grandpa comes to visit him. When Chloe tells him the news he’s not thrilled about it

Trying To Move On

Kelly shows up to Jasons, her ex husbands home livid because Jason crashed her date and took the car from her. He also punched her

Insert Car Here

Tasha and Rick are getting intimate with each other when Tasha starts to suck on Ricks toes. When he stops her, she explains that she

Despite The Odds

Melanie and Derwin spend a romantic night watching Titanic together and Derwin makes passes at Melanie about their sex life.   From the hit Tv

Teach Me How To Love

April finally realizes that she loves Sandino, her maintenance man after he expresses his love and frustration for her.

Struck Nerve

After trying to electrocute her boyfriend for trying to rape her niece, April heads to the bar. At the bar, she finds Sandino, the maintenance

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