Alexia Robinson Studio

Nine Lives

Two sisters have a dramatic confrontation regarding their dad and their past.

Tangled Web

Ruth and a woman compete for the affections of Neal, their blind online date.

Sixteen Candles

The Geek tries to convince Jake that the girl Jake likes really does like him, too.

The Ketchup Bottle

Two girls sit and argue about Ketchup. One is clearly annoyed with the others behavior. Even down to the way she rips the paper off

Laundry And Cider

Amy Lee and Elizabeth are good friends and Hattie and Elizabeth are good friends. Hattie and Amy lee do not get along and Elizabeth is

Jen And Gwen

Jen and Gwen are cousins and they are going on a trip. However, Jen is not fond of the idea that Gwen is going

The Princess Bride

Jacob is sick and his grandpa comes to visit him. When Chloe tells him the news he’s not thrilled about it

I Wanna Sing In The Choir

Rita wants to sing in the choir but Florence refuses to let her because of the mistakes her dad made.

I Know That Look

Jennifer thanks her Aunt April for believing her when Aprils boyfriend tried to rape her. April knew that look all too well since she had


Jennifer wakes up in the middle of the night to give her little brother his Insulin. In the kitchen, she finds her boyfriend sitting at

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