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Trying To Move On

Kelly shows up to Jasons, her ex husbands home livid because Jason crashed her date and took the car from her. He also punched her

Stolen Money

Steve finds a suitcase full of money under his neighbors porch. George rushes over as soon as he could to find out the news that


Julia finds out that Harrison has been lying to her and has a wife, kids, and a home. So she meets him at Crustacean, where

Divorced Doctor

Julia and Harrison just had a great night and today is Valentines Day. He is flying out of town on what he says is a

American Beauty

Angela, fully clothed, is once again surrounded by the other girls. The HIGH SCHOOL BAND plays its last note, the Dancing Spartanettes strike their final

Lucky Day

Andrea is at her wedding standing at the punch bar when William Cartwright approaches. William is her mother’s best friend’s son.  Andrea is currently in

10 Shots of Patron

Kellie Ann has a thing for Alex and thinks that he likes her. They had one night together and Kellie Ann has become emotionally attached

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